Polugar Single Malt Rye 615ml


Type: Bread wine.
Origin: Poland.
Triple distilled rye malt.
Alcohol: 38.5%.
Volume: 615 ml.


Rye Malt Polugar is the apex of the classical Russian distillation art, the true masterpiece of the bread taste and aroma created by Boris Rodionov in copper stills.


Rye Malt Polugar has an intense cream texture, unmatched soft and complex taste of freshly baked rye bread and long lasting, warming and slowly disappearing aftertaste. Unrivalled softness and deep taste of this bread wine is achieved by adhering to the traditional technologies and month-long ‘maturing’ of Rye Malt Polugar when noble distillates mix, slowly forming their unique saturated bread flavour that is so close and familiar for every Russian.


Single Malt Rye Polugar is bottled in the finest glass bottle, which is a reconstructed copy of the Queen Elizabeth personal stoff-bottle dated 1745, located in the Russian National Museum.

Aroma: bright, bready, aroma of warm home-baked goods, rye crackers, coriander, malt, honey, grains, new grasses and wildflowers; slight sweetness.

Taste: mild taste of fresh rye bread, linden honey, meadow grasses and grains; slight rye bitterness.

Aftertaste: very prolonged, gradually trailing off, warm, warming, with bright notes of rye bread, honey, sweet almonds and wildflowers.