Massandra Surozh White Port


Vintage: 2008.
Grapes: White Kokour.
Alcohol: 17.5%.
Residual sugar: 9.5%.
Ageing: 3 years in oak barrels.
Awards: 4 Gold.
Origin: Crimea.

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A White Port-style wine produced using the classical Portuguese methods from a native Crimean grape variety called Kokour which was brought to Crimea by Ancient Greeks 2,500 years ago. Surozh White Port has been produced since 1936.

Tasting notes: bouquet is bright, with the distinctive, complex & spicy aroma of the Kokour white grape, combined with flowery honey flavours.  The palate is full-bodied, yet delicate, balanced, & spicy with a long fruit & honey finish.

Pairing suggestions: best served slightly chilled.  Can also be served on the rocks with lemonade, orange juice or fresh berries. Ideal with meaty fish, as well as pickled, salted or marinated vegetables. Poultry, beef, soft cheeses, & nuts.  As a dessert by itself.