Massandra Madeira wine 2006


Vintage: 2006.
Grapes: Sercial, Verdelho, Albillo.
Alcohol: 19.5%.
Residual sugar: 3.9%.
Ageing: 5 years in oak barrels.
Awards: 10 Gold & 5 Silver.
Origin: Crimea.

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This wine has been produced in Crimea since 1892 using the classic Portuguese ‘Estufagem’ long-ageing technique from the same classic Madeira grape varieties.

Tasting notes: Massandra Madeira is a fine fortified wine of golden colour produced since 1892, often termed “born twice by the Sun”. Beautiful golden colour, with a fine, complex bouquet. The palate is full, balanced & spicy, with a nutty character.  With ageing it develops smoke & vanilla notes.

Pairing suggestions: This wine is ideal as an aperitif or digestive, served at room temperature, or can equally be served with coffee or dessert.It can also be paired with cheese, ham, fruits, or main dishes such as veal, liver, chicken or duck.