Massandra Dry Red Alushta


Vintage: 2009.
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi & Morastel.
Alcohol: 10-13%.
Residual sugar: 0.3%.
Ageing: 2 years in oak barrels.
Awards: 6 Gold & 1 Silver.
Origin: Crimea.

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Alushta Dry Red is the only dry wine produced by Massandra since 1937. In Soviet times this was considered one of the two best dry wines produced in the country.

Tasting notes: the wine is a deep cherry colour, & has a complex bouquet of Moroccan spices, with hints of violet, mignonette & vine blossom. A soft, fine mouth with a spicy, yet delicate finish. After long ageing the bouquet becomes even more complex & rich.

Pairing suggestions: this wine is traditionally served with all kinds of meat & poultry dishes.