Massandra Ay-Serez 2009


Vintage: 2009.
Grapes: Magaratch Bastardo & Cabernet Sauvignon.
Alcohol: 16%.
Residual sugar: 20%.
Ageing: 2 years in oak barrels.
Awards: 6 Gold & 1 Silver.
Origin: Crimea.

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A very interesting port style wine. It is made from two grape varieties:  Bastardo, which  makes the wine sweet, & Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives it a long, dry finish.

Tasting notes: Ay Serez is an excellent red desert fine wine with a beautiful, bright purple colour. Delicate bouquet & balanced palate with light coffee, chocolate, plum, & cream notes.

Pairing suggestions: Any poultry dishes, especially sweet ones. Spicy dishes, e.g Thai food. Strong cheeses, figs & olives. As a dessert by itself.