Massandra Livadia Red Port


Vintage: 2008.
Grapes: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Alcohol: 18.5%.
Residual sugar: 8%.
Ageing: 3 years in oak barrels.
Awards: 3 Gold & 5 Silver.
Origin: Crimea.

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This wine was first produced in 1894 especially for Russian Tsar Nicolas II who liked Port wines and wanted to drink a Port wine produced in his own country. On his orders winemakers from his Crimean Livadia estate mastered the classic Portuguese technique & developed a Port-style wine from Cabernet Sauvignon to match His Majesty’s taste.

Tasting notes: Livadia Red Port is a high quality, fine, fortified red wine of deep ruby colour, & is the Tsar’s Port, produced since 1891 for His Majesty’s Court. An intense wine with a deep, smooth flavour, & hints of dried fruit & dark chocolate. A wine for special occasions.

Pairing suggestions: any meat or poultry dishes, especially sweeter ones. Strong cheeses, particularly blue-vein ones, served with French baguette, olives & cornichons, or as a dessert by itself.