Polugar N1 
(rye & wheat) 500ml


Type: Bread wine.
Origin: Poland.
Triple distilled rye & wheat grains.
Alcohol: 38.5%.
Volume: 500 ml.


Polugar №1 is a revived historic Russian bread wine — the progenitor of modern vodka. The production of Polugar №1 was stopped in 1895. In the Russian Empire, bread wine was the name for a grain distillate, which was a strong alcoholic drink produced by means of distillation in copper pot stills.  At the time, rectification of pure ethyl spirit had not yet been invented, and this drink carefully preserved the flavour and aroma of its raw materials – rye and wheat.

Aroma: bready aroma of home baking.

Taste: delicate, slightly sweetish, warming soft taste of rye and wheat bread, crackers and bread crust with bread-honey notes.

Aftertaste: long-lasting, dominated by hints of wheat bread, with notes of grains, meadow grasses, warm home baking, fresh hay and warm bread crumb.