At Island Wines we are a bunch of foodies. And we mean fanatically so. We have our own  chef and a team of amazing  Sous Chefs dedicated to great food and fun parties. Fun & food, they go hand in hand, right?

No fancy linens and fragile stemware here (though you’re welcome to use your own). No complicated molecular foams or vapours.  We make big, hearty BBQs, Spanish paellas, tortilla, outdoor pizzas, Russian skewers (shashlik), seledka pod shuboy (Russian dressed herring salad), Nova Scotia lobster, clams, Kamchatka crab, fresh home made breads, amazing salads (lettuce on the side, free, not as a filler!) and a never ending variety of Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai BBQ specialities.

We bet you’re hungry now.

Did we mention homemade bread? Can you smell it already? Sure you can. Now imagine it with jet fresh steamed NS lobster, fresh coleslaw and a side of grilled corn.

We can deliver everything cooked or come to your event and put on one heck of a cooking show.

Pricing depends upon number of people and your menu choices.

For details email us: